What does tourbillon mean

What does tourbillon mean?tourbillon means rotary escapement and speed regulation mechanism. tourbillon watch is a clock speed regulation device invented by Swiss watchmaker Louis Breguet in 1795.
tourbillon refers to the " rotary escapement mechanism" in mechanical clocks and watches. This device is characterized in that the balance wheel and escapement mechanism can rotate 360 degrees together while they are running, so the influence of gravity is minimized and the travel time accuracy is improved. It weighs no more than 0.3g but consists of more than 70 fine components, most of which are hand - made, which is why it is expensive. It represents a very high level in the manufacturing process of mechanical watches. Due to its unique operation mode, it has already brought the dynamic artistic beauty of clocks to the highest level, so watches equipped with tourbillon devices are often of great value.
tourbillon's original appearance: In 1801, Breguet, a watchmaking genius, obtained a patent right from tourbillon. This great invention has a rotatable frame in which the balance wheel ( the heart of the movement ) and escapement are housed. When the flywheel frame rotates evenly, the balance wheel and escapement also constantly change positions while moving themselves, thus minimizing the influence of gravity ( especially when the watch is placed vertically ). Breguet tourbillon is composed of two basic components: " rotating frame" and " fixed bracket". The " balance plate" is attached to the rotating frame and rotates with the flywheel.
Flying in suspension: In 1927, Alfred Helwig, professor of horology, made a model of " flying in tourbillon" in Germany. The reason why the word " flying" appeared was that there was no " fixed bracket" component in this structure. Viewed from the outside, the bracket across the flywheel structure was removed, and the whole rotating frame was suspended, improving the mystique and dynamic artistic beauty of the flywheel watch when it was running. Naturally, the manufacturing process was also higher.
tourbillon, China: Mysterious Art of Rotation. Don't think that tourbillon is only the patent of a Swiss watchmaker. In 1993, the Chinese created and made " Magic tourbillon" in Hong Kong's " Tianyi Xuan" watchmaking studio. This unprecedented invention quickly caused a sensation in the international watch industry, so it is also called " Jiao's Magic tourbillon" or " tourbillon, China".
The shopkeeper recommended two tourbillon watches:
Patek Philippe Patek Philippe ( 24 - hour star tourbillon carved in hollows )
Patek Philippe Patek Philippe ( 24 - hour star tourbillon carved in hollows )
Zenith Real tourbillon Series
Zenith Real tourbillon Series
Thus, tourbillon is a kind of clock speed regulating device.