The more precipitated, the more flavor bronze watch

The metal that humans first used was bronze. From ancient times to today, many items were made of bronze, but copper was used to create watches. This is also the attraction of the copper watch. In addition to the few brands launched, many copper watches are limited edition, because the mass production is small, naturaly sought after. But perhaps this is the really fascinating place for the copper watch. Each copper watch has different degrees of oxidation due to the wearer's time and environment. The surface occur brass, and the resulting rust is very different, so it is also unique.

Still, if someone like it, someone will hate it. There are a lot of watch friends who disdain the copper watch, think that the force is not practical, many brands will not produce copper watches. The "King of the watch" ROLEX has not produced copper watches until now. There is also a copper watch that is easily oxidized. After a period of wear, the surface will have mottled rust and patina.

Nowadays, the retro style is very popular. In addition to the retro style, the bronze watch is more suitable for the aestetics of modern people because of its unique color. Therefore, many brands also have bronze watches. The color of bronze is generally yellowish red, which is basically the same as the color we see on the watch. Over time, the color of the watch will change, turning into a bronze green, like a man with a story, getting more and more flavor.

Here are some of the more popular models in bronze watches"

Panerai PAM00507

Series: limited edition collection
Movement: automatic mechanical
Diameter: 47 mm
Watch review: Bronze watches can be said to be a trend of Panerai, and they are out of control. This Panerai limited edition bronze watch features a 
47 mm diameter design with a dark green dial. The large luminous bronze hands stand out on the dial and match the luminous hout markers to ensure a clear reading on dark nights. Equipped with Panerai P.9002 self-winding mechanical movement with a 72-hour power reserve after the full chain.

Panerai PAM00382

Watch review: The number of this bronze watch is 
PAM382. It adopts the self-produced P9000 automatic winding movement with time-division and second-second display function. The diameter reaches 47mm. Is a real tough watch. The bezel, case, lugs and unique crown are made of bronze. And it uses the old craftsmanship, which has a unique charm. The glass and bottom cover uses sapphire. The glass uses sapphire with corundum as material and has a thickness of 4 mm. The bottom cover and the bezel are linked by titanium. Waterproof is 300m. In addition, the design of the dial and hands has been improved accordingly. Canceling the Arabic numerals, the sandwich dial design and the traditional hour and minute hands. Instead, using a new design with more power.

Panerai PAM00671

Watch review: This watch is still the same as the original bronze model in some key parameters, including the 47mm case, the brand's own 9000 series self-winding movement, can observe through the sapphire through the back of the watch. Compared to the P.9000 movement on the PAM 382, the Cal.P.9010 movement on the new PAM 671 is slightly thinner than 1.9mm. And the use of jewel bearings is three more than other, and their vibration frequency is 4Hz, the power reserve time is also 72 hours (3 day chain). Although there is no two-way winding device on the P.9000 movement, but in exchange for a fast time-hopping device, it is very practical in daily wear, so it does not look too bad.

Tudor bronze small red flower

Watch review: As a diving watch, it is essential to have a waterproof system. The convex spiral head is double-threaded inside and outside, and is reinforced with a permanent rubber ring. The thread is traced on the inside of the crown to achieve the waterproof effect on the side. The buckle is a folding buckle and equipped with a 
self-adjusting spring device developed and patented by the Tudor watch. The whole steel strip can be said to be a superior one in the imitation steel strip. The movement is equipped with a seagull 2824 calibre. The whole four-layer splint under the pagoda-type automatic disc has been polished with pearls. However, the tight-bottom style is not critical. I believe everyone is seeking stability. The red safflower's iconic Tomahawk hand and the original retro time scale, the red diving chronograph ceramic outer ring, is unique, even if it is a formal watch, it does not lose identity!

Zenith Bronze pilot

Series: pilot series
Movement: automatic mechanical
Case: bronze
Strap: leather strap
Diameter: 45 mm
Watch review: This new pilot series type 20 bronze watch combines all the qualities of the watchmaker's legendary pilot watch. Large luminous Arabic numerals make time reading earier, and the rich groove crown makes it easy to adjust the time when wearing gloves. 
 The watch is paired with a round sapphire crystal, and the wide black matte dial is surrounded by iron edges, and personality highlights all features.

Some people like the tough of patina and rusty vintage, and some people hate it. If you want your copper watch to maintain a bright luster, in addition to using professional copper removal agent to wipe the surface. And you can also remove the strap, soak it in cola or lemon juice, or wipe it with ketchup. Each copper watch has different degrees of oxidation due to the wearer's time and environment. The surface occur brass, and the resulting rust is very different, so it is also unique.